How long can I expect for the Gate to be made?

Our gate makers over at Southeast Gate Works, LLC generally take about 6 weeks to build each gate from start to finish.

Can you make my gate automated?

Yes, your gate can be automated. A majority of clients prefer to have an automated gate. We provide a multitude of various access solutions for each gate. Some examples of different access solutions include a keypads, card readers, wireless transmitters, etc..

Do you create custom or template gates?

Every gate we design here at Southeast Gate Works, LLC is built custom-made for each client. We create a computerated design based on each client's likes and interests.

Can I get a warranty for my gate?

You receive a full one-year year warranty for your gate.

Which materials work best for a long-lasting gate?

In short, we suggest a combination of wood and steel. All of our wooden gates are steel-framed and steel reinforced so you essentially receive a gate within a gate!

Do you offer wood-finishing services for gates?

Southeast Gate Works LLC does provide wood-finishing and staining for every single client.

What do I do if my gate breaks?

You can always give us a call at (919) 904-4283 or (828) 773-6058 first thing. All of our gates at Southeast Gate Works LLC have manual releases in case your property loses power or anything comes up, you can still access or leave your property.

Will you inspect my property before you install the gate?

Of course, we will inspect your property and driveway before we install your gate. We want to ensure that the gate will work efficiently with your landscape, driveway, etc.

What's an advantages of having an automated gate over a manually-operate gate?

One of the best things about having an automated gate by Southeast Gate Works LLC is that you get to experience more convenience! If it is too hot or too cold, you do not have to go outside to face the elements. Also, having a beautiful gate created by the experts at Southeast Gateworks LLC.